Get the Lowest Prices anywhere on Macs, iPads and Apple Watches: Apple Price Guides updated May 9th


Black Friday: Apple cuts $101 off MacBooks but much better deals lie at authorized resellers [u]

Apple on Thursday launched its Black Friday sale on Macs, offering $101 of MacBooks. But customers in the market for the lowest prices will have better luck at the company's authorized resellers, which offer much deeper discounts.

All of the prices can be seen in the our Mac Price Guide (a portion of which is below). The lowest prices are in bold typeface and the total discount from Apple's MSRP is in red typeface. By using the links in the the guide and applying an additional $5 Promo Code APPINSDRMWB35722 when shopping at MacMall, AppleInsider readers are offered the lowest prices anywhere on some of Apple's notebook offerings.

Where MacMall isn't the lowest price, the best deals come from Amazon and MacConnection, including a mid-2011 11-inch MacBook Air for $699 ($300 off), a 1.80GHz 13" MacBook Air 128GB for $1,011.54 ($186.43 savings), a 2.5GHz 13" (4GB/500GB HDD) MacBook Pro for $962.54 ($236.45 savings), a 2.3GHz 15" (4GB/500GB HDD) MacBook Pro for $1649 ($150 off), and a 13.3-inch 2.5GHz MacBook Pro Retina (8GB,128GB) for $1,511.54 ($186.46 off).

Amazon also pays some of the highest prices (in Amazon Gift Cards) if you sell them your old Mac (compare with other trade in services).

Mac bundled with AppleCare

And if you plan to purchase a Mac with an AppleCare 3-year extended warranty, you can save several hundred dollars more on your total order using our Current Macs with AppleCare Price Guide (also posted below).

Some additional deals are on our Backpage.